A Little About Us…

Combining professional analysis with educational walk-throughs, Cozy Homes Home Inspections comes with 18 years of experience in servicing aspects of home improvements, plus working closely with many different contractors, and conducting detailed examinations of residential areas and real estate. Providing accurate reports that are summative of electrical, gaseous, and invasive breeding activities, our inspections are designed to identify existing defects and proceed with suggested treatments.

We do not cut any corners, and are bringing along 18 years of solid, rewarding experience in the home improvement industry. With ample hands on experience, we have extensive knowledge in conducting inspections and improving residential areas, adding immense value to your home.

With NYS licensed experts on board, we assess houses for the breeding or potential presence of wood destroying insects such as termites and powder post beetles, search for safety defects such as electrical hazards, damaged water lines, mold, cracked chimney flues, and other venting issues that can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. We perform comprehensive inspections that expose potential health hazards, keeping your family and yourself safe and healthy in your new house.